Chicken soup in Miami. Hmmm. I just can’t get myself to have the canned chicken soup. Nor am I desperate enough to make it myself – boring. At the same time, what do you do when a fever comes on, or a cold? It has to be chicken soup for many of us. I’ve heard from childhood that it cures everything, or just about. The best place to buy it is  a traditional, kosher Deli. But, regrettably they’re a dying breed, hard to find one in the neighborhood. The dilemma was resolved by Mr.W. He got some at – wait until you hear this – the Latin American cafeteria. At first I thought, who would believe they would make a respectable chicken soup. He reminded me that for Cubans, a “caldito” is also a cure-all.  And the good thing about Latin American cafeteria is, there are a number of outposts. The soup is a deep yellow, richer than the usual broth, tasty, not overloaded with noodles or chicken. So if you don’t live near Josh’s Deli in Surfside which, for my tastes, has the best chicken soup in Miami, complete with great matzoh ball (winner of the Golden Matzoh Ball award)  or one of the other Jewish delis, give Latin American cafeteria a try.

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