Ceviche with choclos and roasted corn


My “go to” place for a very casual, low cal, quality,  inexpensive bite in Brickell  midweek has been Obba Sushi.But I’ve been aching for someplace new, and not Japanese. Enter Lima, located within the Atton Brickell Miami Hotel, a hotel group from Chile. As you’d guess, the food is Peruvian .The Chileans, as the Peruvians, know their seafood, and it shows. Plus, prices are fair and downright cheap for the three hour happy hour, and there’s a new weekly Saturday Session at their rooftop pool and lounge  from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., an option to South Beach.

The restaurant is spacious, brightly lit, very casual and can seat up to 114 guests. It’s still a well kept secret as there were few people the weekend evening we went. Service was friendly, though there are still some kinks which a subsequent visit showed.

ceviche brickell

Crabmeat and roasted corn salad with avocado, white cheese, scallions, red onions, cilantro and mixed greens in a red Peruvian pepper dressing.


The menu is well curated, with a lot of dishes we wanted to try. Of course we started out with the ceviche, a good sized portion of the fish of the day (corvina) that was perfectly seasoned, super fresh, and served with two kinds of corn – the choclos and roasted corn. I could see having that with a glass of wine for a tasty light meal. We then tried the crabmeat and roasted corn salad with avocado, white cheese, scallions, red onions, cilantro and mixed greens in a red Peruvian pepper dressing. Believe me, it was a tough choice between that and the kale salad with caramelized walnuts, dried apricots and cranberries, avocado and  heart of palm. The portion of shredded crabmeat was very generous, and fresh. We ended up taking half of it home   There’s the option to add chicken, shrimp or beef to any salad as well.

Green tea infused monkfish with fried kale and brussels sprouts

For entrees we opted for the green tea infused monkfish with fried  kale and brussels sprouts  that was a standout. The monkfish was meltingly tender, and the vegetables in a soy honey reduction were  a perfect counterpoint as well as perfectly seasoned and delicious. We ate it all (as you imagine by now, unusual for a food blogger). We also tried the lomo saltado, stir fried beef tenderloin with tomatoes, onions, white rice and French fries. It was alright, but better, the Peruvian styled fried rice with seafood, quinoa and topped with fried egg. It’s a large portion, perfect for sharing as a side dish.

Balsamic glazed burrrata and grilled watermelon with basil oil

In particular, next time we’d like to try the balsamic glazed burrrata and grilled watermelon with basil oil, the Peruvian minestrone soup, and check out their version of the Cuban sandwich. The menu goes beyond Peruvian food with dishes for different tastes.

The menu is reasonably priced for the neighborhood. Starters, sandwiches and salads (all good sized portions) are in the teens, and entrees are in the twenties, with none topping $30. And if you want a serious deal, their happy hour at their Uva bar, 5 to 8 p.m. offers 17 different appetizers, salads (including the crab meat and kale, sandwich selection and appetizers like cheese platter and burrata and watermelon half off). Cocktail and wine specials are also half off.  Plus, this month they offer a choice of three ceviche dishes for $14 each.

Looking for something special to do on Saturday afternoons that has a South Beach feel but on Brickell? They started  Sunset Sessions at Their Vista rooftop pool and bar that’s from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Guests can enjoy half priced cocktails and signature bite specials with DJ music .


Lima, Atton Hotel, 1500 SW 1st Avenue (T.786-600-2600).

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