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Heaven knows there are many very good restaurants in Miami. Funny thing, though, not many that are romantic. We went to Bianca at the Delano, 1685 Collins Avenue (T.305-674-5752) last year for the Spaghetti and Cinema dinner sponsored by the Italian American Chamber of Commerce and had an outstanding meal. We vowed to go back soon but with the demands of blogging — constantly trying out new places (no sympathy required), we haven’t been back. At the event the seating was indoors ,so we didn’t experience the terrace dining at night. We made up for it this time and were very happy we did. Tables are lit with just the right number of candles and are well spaced ,so there’s a feeling of privacy. You sink down in the chairs, just the right amount to be comfortable. Service is  attentive and unobtrusive. And then there’s the food. Do not miss the tuna pizza, carpaccio like slices of big eye tuna with micro greens and truffle oil on a crunchy baked tortilla. Sublime. Next up we shared the branzino which was exceptionally moist and flavorful thanks to it being baked in salt, a preparation I’ve enjoyed over the years, and wish more restaurants practiced. Pastas here are a specialty thanks to Neopolitan chef Luciano Sautto  whose great grandfather opened one of  the first pizzerias in Naples. Oh the pasta. Tagliatelle with black truffles and cream — rich, creamy, totally decadent. Since we decided to throw all dietary cauton to the wind that night, we had some of their homemade crusty and doughy bread, so good no olive oil was required. Continuing the excess, we finished the meal with donuts with a hazelnut zabaglione dip. What a meal. Bianca is pricey, especially the wine. But then again, so are a lot of other restaurants in the city. We’ve already made our reservation for Valentine’s Day, never too early.

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