Soft supple suede shirt from Insight on their instore classic car


A recent “recon” mission (as in reconnaissance to check out new shops, eateries, etc) to Brickell City Centre revealed some great new fashion destinations for men and women,  European shops that are beachheads in the USA. They’re not your usual global luxury brands. And don’t we love unique, especially when they’re not over the top pricey. The shops I mention are ones I liked (in fact, alas, I did some damage). Two are  Italian, and a third from Spain with their own brand and others from Europe as well.

miami fashion

Michele LoPriore pumps from MIlan

First up, Michele Lopriore Shoes from Milan. Here find more of your classic styles with all kinds of heels for all ages (adults). All models are their own design and fabrication. What I liked most were the unusual colors — emerald green and purple suede pumps, patent chartreuse slingbacks and a forest green suede vampy model.  Lovely crushed velvet pumps too.

miami fashion

Michele Lopriore sandals


Heels are in the several hundred dollar category. There’s a good selection of thigh high boots (low $400’s to $700’s) and a sandal with copper straps and  wedge heel that’s a dead ringer for a Prada model a good friend has and here it’s $285. And if you’re looking for a classic leather jacket in oh so supple leather, this is the place and again, great colors — besides the basics, emerald green and purple ($695).

miami fashion

Michele Lopriore leather jackets

My favorite though, where I did the damage is Font from Florence. The low cut pumps and flats are very flattering (most are in mid $200 to $500 range), and they all have a cushion in the front which made even the high heels more wearable. They have some particularly attractive velvet flats and pumps in rich Venetian colors of blue, red,  and purple including a model with a velvet crocodile pattern that happen to be 30% off now (velvets only on sale). Then there’s a patent line with embedded Swarovski crystals that’s a standout,  including a flat with pointed toe whose color progresses from blue to red ($278),  chunky high heel sandals ($458), and a pointed toe oxford type, lace up model ($388).

miami fashion

Swarovski crystal embedded two tone shoes from Font of Florence

Another standout are the thigh high boots in wrinkled patent leather in metallic bronze and dark blue ($678).

miami fashion

Metallic leather knee high boots from Font

Rounding out the offerings  is a Swarovski crystal embedded rounded toe, chunky heel pump that unfortunately was too high for me, or I would have bought it in a minute. It comes in the blue below (center) and in white crystals.

miami fashion

Swarovski crystal pumps (center) from Font

You male readers don’t despair, there’s an appealing offering for you as well as women. It’s In-sight, a clothing boutique that hails from Ibiza and Mallorca in Spain. Though they sell different lines ( Balmain, Blumarine and Alexander Wang to DSquared, Ella Luna, Just Cavalli, and Iro) , the special one is their own brand Gemelli Turzi which features quick dry bathing suits in tropical motifs and patterns ($100); soft, fine suede jackets in neutral colors ($1200); and polo shirts.Then, there are some other fashion forward brands of jeans, jackets, t-shirts and the like.

For women, standouts among the designs (think bling and club going clothes) were bomber jackets with fluorescent color fur collar (on sale, 30% off) and sneakers with dangling charms and rhinestone embellished straps.


Everything was not your usual and would definitely qualify as eye catching. It’s also a good place to come to gift items. A fave were soaps from France made to ressemble macarons and each has a different fragrance — from rose and ocean to other floral and strawberry ($24 for 3; $35 for 5).

Miami fashion

Scented soaps, macarons look alikes from France at Insight

Another neat gift item were thick paper doorknob card hangers  which look like do not disturb signs at hotels (under $12 for the package) .You can write yourself a reminder note and hang it on the front door for when you leave your house or apartment. Or possibly a gentle reminder for a partner, roommate or spouse?

miami fashion

Card stock door hangers for reminders from Insight




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