No need to go to Hong Kong to have bespoke suits, jackets or shirts made. Ronnie of the 40 year old  Rocky’s (HK) Fashions comes to Miami. A good friend and one of my best sources for insider info gave me this tip, telling me this is where he gets his wardrobe made each season.  He and Ronnie also told me what big names in the worlds of entertainment, politics, business, and the fashion industry use this service. I was impressed and went over to a suite at The Epic Hotel to learn and see more.

First, let’s talk about the fabrics as that’s where the quality starts. You’re talking top notch Italian and British brands – Ermengildo Zegna, Holland and Sherry Loro Piano, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino from Napoli for jackets and suits and Thomas Mason for men’s shirts. There’s a choice of fabrics including fine light wool alone or combined with silk and linen or cashmere, and cotton.  Lots of choices too on the linings – 200 different colors and designs in silk and polyester. In his workshop in Hong Kong he employs 7 cutters and 140 stitchers, so important, as 99% of the suits are hand stitched.

The process is easy. He measures the client who chooses a style, fabrics, and details from the number of vents and pocket slant to the style of lapel and number of sleeve buttons.  He also photographs the client from several angles to document any postural nuances that would affect the fit of the suit so the cutters can adjust accordingly, this is what custom tailoring is all about. All of this is over a civilized glass of wine. Within four to six weeks you get sent the finished product. If, for any reason, it needs some alteration, either the client can mail it back to Ronny at no charge or have it altered locally and he’ll pay the charges. The same is true for the custom shirts and raincoats which he will also custom make. Probably the biggest compliment — 60% of his clients are repeat customers.

Suits range in price from $450 for a non branded fabric to $1600 for one of the designer names. Sport jackets run $380 to $650. Shirts are $70 to $180 and pants $220 to $550. As part of his 10 city US tour, he comes to Miami in May and November. To make an appointment, contact him at his website (link is above).

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