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A dozen long stem red roses, rose petals in your bathtub, a box of rose candies — the kind Marie Antoinette loved. All romantic, but what about having a rose bush dedicated to you, complete with a personal message of love and affection and your name, in a rose garden in the center of a major capital  city? MiamiCurated reports on location in Vienna.

vienna gardens


You or your loved one can make it happen in Vienna’s Volksgarten park in the Old City, surrounded by monuments built by the Royal Family of the Habsburgs. Plus, you can choose the rose bush including the color of the roses.  And they’re fragrant! The price? 350 Euros (about $392 USD)  for five years. At the end of the five years, the end of the growing season, you can harvest the roses. A good reason for another trip to one of Europe’s grand cities — the land of classical music greats Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven; of luscious cakes and chocolates; exquisite art treasures; grand hotels and warm hospitality.

Now how about that idea for New York’s Central Park?

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