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A perfect antidote for a rainy day in Miami, or just when one needs a “pick me up” in the summer doldrums, is the new comedy at Coral Gables theater,  GableStage,” the Legend of Georgia McBride”. I found myself smiling for the entire 90 minutes, except for the time I was laughing. This is a real comedy, unlike many that are called comedies which I find more “black” than comedy. A lot of others must feel the same as GableStage just announced an extra matinee this Saturday, June 24, the day before it closes a very successful run.

The story is about Casey, a struggling Elvis impersonator at a dive called Cleo’s in the Florida Panhandle. Casey is good natured and sweet, but his act isn’t exactly packing them in. Unable to make much in tips, he and his wife are unable to pay the bills. His wife, who yells at him for not being able to pay the rent, finds out she is pregnant with their first child. That same day he goes to the club to find he’s about to be fired.

His replacement? A duo of drag queen impersonators, Miss Tracy Mills and get this – Miss Anorexia Nervosa (she says she’s Italian). Fast forward he ends up putting his manly, well muscled body into all matter of getups including a Dolly Parton look alike, and joins the drag show. And that’s about all I’ll tell you about the plot, just to say it’s a feel good, fast moving play besides being funny.

Most of the action takes place on the stage and in the dressing room at Cleo’s.It’s peppered with plenty of fun songs, outrageous costumes, and campy, often witty dialogue. The acting is uniformly very good, and the typecasting perfect.

You’ll be happy you saw it.

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