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MiamiCurated Wants To Take You to Dinner

Pied a terre’s own estate bottled wine


You can win a four course dinner for two with wine pairing (a $360 value) at  top Miami restaurant Pied a Terre. Second prize is a $50 gift certificate for Amazon.com. It’s easy — JUST CLICK HERE. Fill out the quick survey questions (all) and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win. Entries must be received by January 24.  Winners will be drawn and announced by January 31.

Look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!

About Pied a Terre: This intimate French restaurant in the Cadet Hotel in South Beach could be right out of the French countryside in its décor and cuisine. The menu is developed and staff trained by a Michelin star chef.  Ingredients are of the highest quality, the food and presentation shine, and service highly professional under the direction of the talented Patrick Gruest. It has perenially been on my list of favorites in Miami.


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6 Household Tips I Learned During Irma


Hopefully most of you had little or no damage during Hurricane Irma, though heaven knows we all experienced the anxiety, stress and fear. We ended up going to Orlando and staying with the parents of my son’s good friend from high school.  It turns out that the mother, Amal (we now all know that name thanks to George Clooney), is an incredible fountain of amazing household tips and shortcuts, plus she’s a star teacher. In fact,  I felt as if I had gone to “HU” as in household university. They’re all quick, easy, and low cost. Happy to share “what I learned during Irma”, six household tips you’ll love — food prep shortcuts, cleaning, and a terrific milk frother and cappucino maker, plus more. Read Full Post & Comments »

Apartment Gardening +


Have you always wanted to have a lovely garden on your apartment balcony?One with little to no maintenance? And better yet, have someone choose the plants with your direction, do the plantings, and then take care of them? It has taken five years of my searching,  but I’ve finally found someone who fits the bill, thanks to a good friend. And now I have my garden of paradise – it’s modest, but lovely. Here’s how you can make this happen and also tips on apartment gardening. And she does succulent and orchid arrangements too. Read Full Post & Comments »

Lobster Hunting and Boat Sharing Service

MARATHON, Fla (July 26, 2006) — A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission officer and Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Victor Rosario, a boarding team member, measure the carapace of the lobsters to ensure they are of legal size. Lobster carapace must be greater than three inches. USCG photo by Petty officer 3rd Class James P. Judge


Florida’s lobster mini season this year is July 27 and 28. Like to go lobster hunting and no boat? With a cool new boat-sharing marketplace, Boatsetter, you can find your boat and seasoned captains who know the best locations for lobster hunting. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Behind the Scenes with Karen

Karen on assignment, brunch at The Breakers for a staycation


A long time subscriber, Helen from Borrowed & Blue online wedding planning resource for Miami weddings wrote that she has had a number of questions ranging from how I decided to blog and my dream day in Miami to the challenges  and rewards of being a blogger. She said others probably had the same questions and asked if I would do a blogpost with the answers. After reading the questions, I thought it’d be a great idea, so here are the answers to questions you too might have been wondering about.
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Friday Deadline: Exclusive Subscriber Events

Only three spots remain for the MiamiCurated exclusive subscriber events at Kaori by Walter Martino on May 24. But the deadline TOMORROW for signing up, so take note! It’s for a complimentary reception with champagne, wine and light bites followed by an optional 4 course tasting dinner for a very special price of $59. Here are the details: Read Full Post & Comments »

And the Winning Entry Is……

Serious creativity was on tap for the entries to the MiamiCurated contest to name a new blogpost category. Thanks to all of you who participated and for the good ideas. Close to 80 different ideas were submitted either in  private emails to me or in public comments on the blogpost. Read Full Post & Comments »

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What’s MiamiCurated Cooking Up for 2016

This could be you, a restaurant reviewer for an evening! (pictured here on assignment at Palmeiras at Grove Isle Resort)


Happy New Year to you all from the MiamiCurated team — yours truly and Mr. W along with guest bloggers Steve Deitsch,  Kayla Louitt, Jennifer Agress and Irene Moore. A combination of terrific tips coming in from you readers, a super fun year end,  and nifty places that would be perfect for reader events got my creative juices flowing further so, 2016 will be a year of more reader events and contests. What’s exactly in store? The first contest. Read Full Post & Comments »

Millennial Slang To Know For 2016


With any  multigenerational events, words are bound to crop up that are part of the new urban vocabulary (it happened to me during Thanksgiving). It’s important to be “in the know”, so here’s a guide to millennial slang 2016 my son helped me with, so you can navigate the new lingo . Love to hear, too, if you have anything to add (or subtract)! Read Full Post & Comments »

Ask Karen


You have some sophisticated young New York relatives coming to visit, where should you take them to dinner? What can you do with out of town guests on a rainy day? Where can you find boutiques of  top Latin American designers?  Which is the best shoe repair store in town? Place for alterations? These are a just a few of the questions readers have asked me. Read Full Post & Comments »

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