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How to Save Money on Restaurant Wine

La Cava at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach photo courtesy of the hotel


By Irene Moore


As wine prices continue to escalate in Miami restaurants, how can you save money?  You can sometimes check the restaurant wine list online, then go on the Internet and research the retail prices, but who wants to do that when you’re going out to relax and enjoy? Here are 6 insider tips from the pros to help navigate your way around a wine list and find the best buys:

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Davids Tea


Davids Tea in Brickell City Centre is a tea store that even non tea drinkers will enjoy. A walk around and you’ll end up wanting to meet the incredibly creative mind behind the tea themed products you’d never imagine. And if you’re a tea lover, you’ll be loving it. Great inexpensive gifts too. Read Full Post & Comments »

The Weird and Wonderful: MC in China

Yours truly dressed up as the Empress of China in the water village of Tongli south of Shanghai


This month I took a second trip to Mainland China, including a second visit to one of my new favorite cities in the world, Shanghai. Also on the itineraray was Chengdu, famous for its Giant Pandas Research Breeding Center in Sichuan Province and home of some the spiciest food in China. I ended the trip in Wenzhou, in the province of Zhejiang, a new entrant on the tourism scene that’s promoting itself as the “Craft Capital” and a base for exploring China’s natural beauty. Here are some of the weird and wonderful things seen on the trip which were featured on MiamiCurated’s instagram page (follow us there too). Look for another upcoming post on quirky facts about the world’s new super power (if you any any doubts about this, a visit will quickly dissuade you of that) and on fashion spotting. Read Full Post & Comments »

Karen’s Kudos October

Liquido Brazilian activewear, now in South Florida


From Brazilian activewear and a beauty treatment that’s perfect for that special night out, to a new Miami inn for global nomads, Gin and Jazz in South Beach, and Pulse Miami, a first ever food festival that celebrates you’ll never guess what. It’s all in Karen’s Kudos for October. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Fabulous Friday: Cognac to Top All

Photo courtesy of


The over 200 year old House of Hennessy has come out with a cognac, Hennessy 8,  in a limited edition,  hand-blown Baccarat carafe and chest that will be hard to top. Read Full Post & Comments »

Battle of the Bulge


How do you maintain your weight being a restaurant reviewer is a question I often get and thought I’d address it in a special blogpost.  Coincidentally, an article in New York magazine (“Platt vs.Fat”) by their restaurant reviewer Adam Platt detailed his forays into weight loss strategies ranging from trendy juice cleanses and protein powders to fasting and “slimming prisons”. The self described obese, diabetic prone Platt ended up going to a weight loss coach in (where else), New York City. The price tag? Corporate lawyer fees of $15K for ten hours. Read Full Post & Comments »

Karen’s Kudos August

Claws for a Cause, an opening event for Joe’s Stone Crab photo from www.hautedining


A travel steal,  kickoff to Art Basel with their featured exhibit from the Lowe Art Museum, and a first of the new season at Joe’s Stone Crab with Claws for a Cause highlight Karen’s Kudos for September. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Restaurant Wine: Getting the Best Value

photo courtesy of


Eat out at better restaurants and I’m sure you’ve seen the big inflation in wine prices.  In fact, if you have two glasses of a good wine your wine can easily end up costing more than the Miami Spice dinner menu. What to do? I interviewed Heath Porter, co-owner of Uvaggio Wine Bar, who was formerly Director of Wine and Spirits for some of the leading resorts in the US including the Greenbrier and Sea Island, and has devoted himself to wine education for his advice on restaurant wine lists and how to get the best value.  Here are the questions and answers: Read Full Post & Comments »

MC Travels: Mykonos and Post Modern Greek Cuisine

Beetroot confit and fluid gel, kale pesto, walnut cream, smoked garlic puree, pickled roots and raspberries, beetroot leaves, baked walnut, olive flour, ksinotyri cheese marshmallow and beetroot sorbet from Nesaea


If you haven’t been to Mykonos or it has been awhile since you’ve been there, you won’t believe what it has become. And then there’s the Post Modern Greek cuisine. Going there for the first time, I expected the turquoise and cobalt blue waters and white washed houses (Mr.W , the artist, likened them to sugar cubes sprinkled on the arid hills) along with a buoyant club scene comparable to that of South Beach and Ibiza. I was not prepared for the high end design hotels, soignee beach clubs,   Greek cuisine prepared at the hands of Michelin pedigreed chefs, and very distinctive fashion you can shop for until 5 a.m.. Even if you’re not planning on going to Greece , I thought you’d enjoy having a look at what is happening in the country’s number one tourism destination and seeing what’s happening with Greek cuisine. Here’s the first post in a two part series. Read Full Post & Comments »

Different Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale: Part 2

Events By Grateful Palate’s New Summer Passport Wine Series


By Kayla Louttit


From Sunday jazz brunch, a monthly art walk, and wine and paddleboarding,  to a new summer food and wine series, here’s Part 2 of  Fort Lauderdale things to do to keep you entertained this summer (and worth a trip from Miami). In case you missed it, click here for Part 1. Read Full Post & Comments »

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