Believe me, I’ve tried everything to have long fingernails that don’t peel – from commercial products that claim to be nail strengtheners like Nailtique and a  Colombian product Quimica Alemana, to organic polishes and eating gelatin. In my desperation, I’ve even cooked up home made remedies like infusing oil with garlic. As you can imagine,  in my case, the culprit isn’t doing the dishes or heavy duty house cleaning. It’s – well, genes or whatever. So an email  about new nail products was met with skepticism, but  at the same time, hope springs eternal. And in this case, my hopefulness was borne out with success.

I’ve tried Londontown nail products for several weeks now and with noticeable difference. Namely, harder nails, longer lasting manicures and remarkably less peeling. The nail care system originated in a flower garden (yes, flower garden) in England. The formula is what they call Florium Complex based on nail care science, natural oils, botanical extracts and vitamins A and E. Ingredients include rapeseed and flower oil, primrose oil, chamomile, garlic oil and cucumber extract. They are Vegan and gluten-free.   They offer a number of nail treatment products including a five step system. I decided to start modestly — and went with  three polishes – the first was a nail hardener and a base coat; the second, the  Lakur polish itself; the third was called Kur gel genius top coat. They also recommend (and I do too), that you apply the top coat everyday. One terrific feature about the soft gel top coat is that not only does it protect the nails, but it really makes the color pop, even after a week. And, unlike other gels, when you take it off, you’ll see the top layer of the nail isn’t compromised.

nail strengthener


Based on my very positive experience with the 3 part system, I plan to also try the  strengthening laquer remover, cuticle oil, and restorative nail cream.

nail strengthener

Londontown comes in 21 colors.  There’s a particularly good assortment of pale shades in nude, corals and pink tones, but you’ll also find the trendy purple, blue, yellow along with festive gold, silver, metallic and traditional red.  Polishes are $16 and my fave gel top coat is $20.  For more information and to order, click on the box on the right hand column.


Airbrush root touchup spray

Speaking about beauty products, I’ve just come across a very practical new one that works for hair that has been colored and  roots that are growing out (and there’s no time to go to a beauty salon or one’s hairdresser is away). Airbrush root touchup spray covers greys and roots. The quick-drying powder formula also absorbs dirt and oil  and comes in six colors. Perfect for travel, the small slim spray bottle costs $26. Or, you can purchase it at the Oribe salon in South Beach off of Lincoln Road. For more information, click here.




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