Travel Tuesday: Puglia


Spaghetti with tomatoes from Vesuvius at Machiavelli restaurant, Pompeii


First came the American travelers In their private jets, then frequent travelers to Italy who have done Tuscany, Venice, Rome and Florence. Apulia (or Puglia in Modern Italian) is getting discovered, but has still escaped the crowds and high prices, and maintains its authenticity and sense of place, and it’s a gem. It was here we recently traveled after Ethiopia (Ethiopian Airways has nonstop service from Addis Ababa to Rome). As with my earlier travel Fabulous Friday, rather than a travel article, I’m going to tell you about fascinating facts about the region relating to Italian history and customs, and show you culinary eye candy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy: Read Full Post & Comments »

Amsterdam Falafel Shop

Falafel sandwich with just a few of the over two dozen toppings and sauces.


I like falafel, fried balls of ground chick peas with spices,  but it hasn’t been one of my favorite dishes. That’s  until now, and my discovery of the Amsterdam Falafel Shop, a recent import that’s already in Washington D.C, Boston and Dallas. Highly reviewed, it has appeared everywhere from USA Today and Grub Street to Food and Wine and others.  In their two Miami shops, on Washington Avenue in South Beach and Sunset Drive in South Miami, they focus on only two dishes — falafel and Frieten, french fries the Belgian way, as in twice fried. While you’re in South Miami, it’s worth checking out a new bakery and lunch spot and a boutique selling clothes from Ibiza. Read Full Post & Comments »

Boo! Where to Celebrate Halloween 2017


Nightmare on the Beach at Lummus Park


By: Jennifer Agress and Yours Truly


Happy Halloween events in Miami starting tonight! If you’re looking for a good way to ring in the spookiest day of the year, look no further than some of Miami’s best parties, dining events, and days out with the family. From Mexican parties with live DJs, to a costume-filled day at Zoo Miami,  and Vizcaya’s annual fête, here are our picks for Miami’s best 2017 Halloween events… curated just for you. Read Full Post & Comments »

Where to Party in Miami This Fall



By: Jennifer Agress


Stay cool this fall at some of the Magic City’s hottest spots to party. Checkout our list of seven haute places to hangout after the sun goes down—we’ve curated it just for you. Read Full Post & Comments »

Fabulous Friday: Ethiopia

One of 11 rock hewn churches from the 13th century in Lalibela, one of the 8 wonders of the world


A travel destination to put on your bucket list is Ethiopia, that is if your tastes run to places that are distinctive, authentic, and rich civilizations with centuries old history with their own culture, food, music and dance. After a little over a week there, I’d put it in a category with India, Mexico, Egypt and China – my favorites for exotic travel. Can’t make it to Ethiopia? Just read there’s an Ethiopian restaurant in Miami Gardens, Awash. Read Full Post & Comments »

New Fashion Find, Concept Store

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Miami’s fashion scene continues to have exciting, fresh new talent thanks to the growing number of Latin American designers coming to the Magic City. The latest showcase for young Latin talent  – no fewer than 40 designers for women and men – is Artbition.  I found it from a tip from an always stylish friend who used to be a personal shopper for the rich and famous in town (even better, for her own fashion, she likes clothes and jewelry that don’t break the bank). Read Full Post & Comments »

Hungry Harvest


Get fresh fruit and produce delivered direct to your door (no outside pickups required) with new purveyor Hungry Harvest. The point of difference is that it’s “rescued” produce that would otherwise not be eaten because the farmer or wholesaler over planted or overbought, or because of minor cosmetic flaws. They’re offering readers $10 off too on signup. Read Full Post & Comments »

Miami’s Best Dumplings



In honor of the recent National Dumpling Day, I started researching places for the best dumplings in town. At first, the idea was just for a list, not identifying which was the top place.And then I discovered Tanuki on Alton Road. OMG, hands down the very best dim sum in the Magic City. So here’s the scoop on Tanuki and a list of other good bets and variety — from Wagyu beef and chive and crab meat, to crispy chicken, mushroom and potato, shrimp, and edamame.  Note that places where I’ve tried the dumplings are highlighted in blue; the others are recommendations from foodies in town with special credentials on Chinese food. Get ready to drool! Read Full Post & Comments »

Best Caterers’ Fab Table Settings

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I checked in at Social Miami’s “Behind the Magic: Second Annual Tablescapes & Culinary Experience” for some serious eye candy on a rainy yesterday at SoHo Studios in Wynwood, and eye candy it was. Read Full Post & Comments »

Unique Cultural Series: Ojala Inshallah

Sachal Ensemble: Song of Lahore


Serious kudos go to MDC Live Arts for what sounds like an extraordinary and thoughtful series of cultural events designed to explore the global diversity of Muslim culture. The Spanish word Ojala means” I wish” or “I hope so” and drives its meaning from the Arabic phrase “insha’Allah or God willing. The promotional brochure explains that the word is a ” reminder of the Moorish impact on the Spanish language and Hispanic identity shared by many of greater Miami’s residents. The objective of the series is to celebrate Muslim and Middle Eastern and North African communities as a valuable part of Miami’s richly diverse culture” with events of all the performing arts by stars in their respective fields. It kicks off Saturday, October 7. Read Full Post & Comments »