Miami’s Best Bars

Le Sireneuse


By: Jennifer Agress and Yours Truly


Until recently Miami hasn’t had many really great bars. Now with notable new entrants on the scene that have raised the “glamour” quotient, happily others are stepping up their game, and then there are the classics that are always a good choice. Here’s the latest on the top bars Miami. Read Full Post & Comments »

6 Household Tips I Learned During Irma


Hopefully most of you had little or no damage during Hurricane Irma, though heaven knows we all experienced the anxiety, stress and fear. We ended up going to Orlando and staying with the parents of my son’s good friend from high school.  It turns out that the mother, Amal (we now all know that name thanks to George Clooney), is an incredible fountain of amazing household tips and shortcuts, plus she’s a star teacher. In fact,  I felt as if I had gone to “HU” as in household university. They’re all quick, easy, and low cost. Happy to share “what I learned during Irma”, six household tips you’ll love — food prep shortcuts, cleaning, and a terrific milk frother and cappucino maker, plus more. Read Full Post & Comments »

Oh So Useful Flight Essentials

4-in-1 color coded adapter


With travel the hassle that it is these days, I’m always on the lookout for products that make the whole process easier, more comfortable and stress free. Here some terrific travel and flight essentials I heard about from Travel + Leisure and plan to get: Read Full Post & Comments »

Things to Do Miami: September

Special free performance at the Arsht Center during DWNTWN Art Days


By Josie Gulliksen


Perhaps it’s a good idea to take a break from watching the forecast, and worrying about any impeding “weather patterns” to focus on what to do in our lovely Magic City. September has plenty of offerings that showcase our museums, Downtown Miami, luxurious hotels and our love of fashion. Part 1 of a two part series. Read Full Post & Comments »